Experience 24 Hours of Happiness With Buick

24 hours of happiness

Let’s be honest, an hour test drive is not enough time to find your dream car. Enter the Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive. Both Todd Wenzel Buick GMC and Todd Wenzel Buick GMC of Davison will be participating in this exciting customer-focused experience.

That’s all well and good, but why give consumers the opportunity to drive a vehicle they haven’t yet purchased for 24 hours? Buick’s marketing director, Molly Peck said that a 24 hour test drive would give potential buyers the opportunity to “experience Buick on their terms, their schedule, their leisure and experience the vehicle how it would fit in their life.”

Who wouldn’t like a little more freedom when looking for their next car? Buick believes that allowing consumers to test drive new Buicks at their convenience will, of course, increase sales but also strengthen Buick as a brand.

In a recent study by AutoTrader.com, it was discovered that 88 percent of consumers would not purchase a vehicle without first test driving it. In the same test, most participants wanted more convenience and less stress while taking a test drive.

In order to take part in the Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive, you must be an insured, licensed driver, at least 21 years old and approved credit.

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Why You Should Go Car Shopping on Black Friday


Black Friday is the day of deals, filled with long early-morning lines and stampedes. Crowds of people with drawn-up plans to get a new T.V. or the latest gaming console. The deals coming out of car dealerships do not seem to get as much attention.

It’s been said that the best times to buy new vehicles are Labor Day and the end of December; however, Black Friday is looking to make an impact on vehicle sales. GM has had a Black Friday sale all month long. Chevrolet has had 0% APR, $1,000 bonus cash and no payments until 2015. Not to be outdone, Buick and GMC have come out with a 20% off MSRP sale on all 2013 and select 2014 models. There are deals to be had, so skip the long lines to save hundreds and come into the dealership to save thousands!


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The Noble Homecoming: A Profile of the 2015 Colorado/Canyon


The hiatus is over! The Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon are back.

The Colorado/Canyon is the perfect vehicle for those who want the power of a pickup and the maneuverability of a crossover. When equipped with the recommended trailering package, this truck is capable of towing up to 7,000 pounds. The base model pushes out 193 horsepower with its 2.5L four-cylinder engine. When upgraded to the 3.6L V6, it gets around 300 horsepower, the same as a base model Chevy Silverado 1500. That just goes to show that size isn’t everything. With all of the power that comes with this truck, it still gets 26 MPG highway.


With an updated model, comes an abundance of upgrades. This new version of well-known GM truck can now be your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Through OnStar, GM is now offering vehicles with a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. So, whenever you’re going on a long road trip, you’re passengers can keep themselves busy by connecting their phones or tablets to your internet hotspot.

Colorado Interior

As part of the technology boost, GM also enhanced the safety features on the Colorado and the Canyon. They are now equipped with a rear vision camera which kicks on when you shift into reverse, as well as a forward collision alert. How the forward collision alert works is the front of the truck has built-in smart cameras that constantly scan traffic while you drive; watching for stopped or slowing vehicles. Once you start to get dangerously close to another vehicle, the truck lets you know. It is also equipped with a lane departure sensor that warns you if you begin to unknowingly drift out of your current lane through a camera located near the interior rearview mirror.


It’s obvious that GM wanted to up their game in the business. By unleashing an updated version of the Colorado/Canyon, they showed that they thought of everything. This is a truck that can pull a trailer, but doesn’t feel like driving a bus, with a quieter cabin, and enough technology to make it your new home.

Colorado Front 2

The base model of the Colorado starts for around $20,000 and the base model Canyon for around $23,500.

Follow these links to check out our inventory of both the Colorado and the Canyon!

Colorado: http://www.toddwenzel.com/colorado

Canyon: http://www.toddwenzel.com/canyon

Welcome to the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore!

Superstore 6

We are delighted to announce the opening of the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore!

Superstore 3

The Superstore is finally ready to open its doors. Formerly known as Lake Michigan Auto Center, Todd Wenzel purchased the building from Lake Michigan Credit Union in late July. Todd Wenzel Chevrolet had been housed right down the street since 2004, so who better to sell a local dealership to than a West Michigan-based auto group heavily involved in the local community?

Superstore 4

Since Todd’s beginning in the automotive industry, it has always been about the customers. The Superstore is more than just another used car dealership. Like the other Todd Wenzel dealerships, the Todd Wenzel Platinum Program will be available to customers of the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore. As a Todd Wenzel customer, you are also guaranteed to get more for your trade-in.

Superstore 1

There are big plans for the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore. We will have over 400 pre-owned vehicles available, one of the largest inventories in the West Michigan area. With the opening of a new operation, Todd Wenzel Automotive brought in the best and brightest in order to fulfill his vision of creating one of the most successful and welcoming pre-owned dealerships around.

Superstore 7

Along with having access to over 400 pre-owned vehicles, the Superstore also kept the carwash that came with the purchase of the building. The carwash will have numerous options available to keep your vehicle clean through the Michigan weather.

Superstore 8

Superstore 9

While there are still minor renovations taking place, the Superstore is now open. So, come out to check out our extensive pre-owned inventory or stop in for a car wash! We’d love to show you around!

You can get more information about the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore by giving us a call at 616-669-7799.

Preparing for Fall: Car Care Tips for the Changing Seasons


The kids are back in school, football is starting up and the temperature is slowly dropping. Fall is approaching and winter isn’t far behind. With the rapid change in weather, you need to make sure your vehicle can handle it. Check out these car care tips on how to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming seasons:

  •  Check Brakes and Tires

With the return of fall comes weather that demands more stopping power. The temperature is only going to be getting colder which means an increasing chance of roads becoming slick. Make sure to get your tires checked to see if there are any leaks and how much tread they still have. Tires with less tread will only make it harder to stop in slippery conditions. The same goes for worn down brakes. Stronger brakes will help increase your vehicle’s stopping power.

  •  Get an Oil Change

It is important to make sure that your car is running as near perfect as you can get it, especially when the cold weather hits. Driving your vehicle in the cold weather with old oil could cause the oil to sludge up. Getting a fresh oil change close to the start of fall will help decrease the chance of something going wrong mechanically in the bad weather.

  • Replace Your Wiper Blades

If it has been a while since you purchased a newer set of wiper blades for your vehicle and your current blades are starting to wear down, it’s time to upgrade. Windshield wipers are meant to clean off your windshield and with fall and winter approaching they will need to be good shape in order to do their job.

  • Check Your Lights

Make sure your headlights, brake lights, and hazard lights are all working properly. As fall and winter get closer, the days will start to get shorter. Fall and winter are seasons that come with limited visibility and making sure that all of the necessary lights on your vehicle operate correctly is important.

  •  Heater and Defroster

It’s no fun driving to work feeling like you’re trapped in a freezer. Besides the discomfort, it’s not safe to be driving around with a heater that doesn’t work, especially with the unpredictable Michigan weather. It is also important to have your defroster operating correctly because with the colder temperatures comes frost and fog, making it impossible to see through the windows of your vehicle.

  •  Emergency Kit

As a precaution, it would be a good idea to have an emergency kit with “gloves, boots, flares, a small shovel, sand or kitty litter, tire chains, a flashlight, and a cell phone.” An emergency kit is good to have just in case something unexpected happens while you’re out on the road.

For more tips and advice on preparing your vehicle for the upcoming weather changes, visit these websites:




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Todd Wenzel Automotive Celebrates 10 Years in West Michigan

Wow! Today we are celebrating 10 years as West Michigan’s premier General Motors dealer! When Todd Wenzel set his sights on moving back to Michigan in September of 2001, he purchased Todd Wenzel Pontiac GMC (formerly known as Orson E. Coe) on 28th Street.

This photo takes us back…do you remember when?

Three years later, in June 2004, Todd Wenzel purchased Todd Wenzel Chevrolet, in Hudsonville, from previous owner Serra Chevrolet.

We updated our Pontiac GMC facility in Novermber 2005, building a new customer lounge in the Service Department. And due to tremendous growth, we had the opportunity to add our Buick franchise in December of that year, which changed the store name to Todd Wenzel Buick Pontiac GMC.
In 2007 we expanded our Chevrolet store – adding a new Used Vehicle building and new state-of-the-art body shop. In June 2009, both Todd Wenzel Chevrolet and Todd Wenzel Buick GMC were selected as preferred dealers to represent the New GM. Also, in June 2009, came the announcement of the loss of Pontiac.

Finally, in 2010 we remodeled both of our dealerships to reflect the new GM, and provide you, our valued customers, with a environment that makes the purchase and maintenance of vehicles a more comfortable experience. This is how we look today…
We’ve come a long way in ten years, and are looking forward to the next ten. It has definitely been exciting and rewarding, and we owe it all to our talented staff and our wonderful customers! 

New 2012 Buick LaCrosse V-6 arriving soon!

The 2012 Buick LaCrosse is on its way to Todd Wenzel and is now available with a new, more powerful and fuel-efficient version of its direct-injected 3.6L V-6 engine! And, this engine is a no-additional-cost alternative to the standard 2.4L four-cylinder on select trim levels with eAssist.

The 3.6L V-6 with variable valve timing delivers a SAE-certified 303 horsepower (223 kW) on the front-wheel-drive LaCrosse – an increase of 23 hp (17 kW) – and 264 lb.-ft. (358 Nm) of torque.

The change engineers made were simply refinements to an already amazing vehicle. They used lighter-weight components and made enhancements to improve the luxury sedan’s performance with no loss in fuel efficiency (17 mpg city / 27 highway).

Are you a LaCrosse owner? If so, tell us why you love your LaCrosse. And if you haven’t driven one yet, visit us to experience the performance and luxury enhancements for yourself!