Experience 24 Hours of Happiness With Buick

24 hours of happiness

Let’s be honest, an hour test drive is not enough time to find your dream car. Enter the Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive. Both Todd Wenzel Buick GMC and Todd Wenzel Buick GMC of Davison will be participating in this exciting customer-focused experience.

That’s all well and good, but why give consumers the opportunity to drive a vehicle they haven’t yet purchased for 24 hours? Buick’s marketing director, Molly Peck said that a 24 hour test drive would give potential buyers the opportunity to “experience Buick on their terms, their schedule, their leisure and experience the vehicle how it would fit in their life.”

Who wouldn’t like a little more freedom when looking for their next car? Buick believes that allowing consumers to test drive new Buicks at their convenience will, of course, increase sales but also strengthen Buick as a brand.

In a recent study by AutoTrader.com, it was discovered that 88 percent of consumers would not purchase a vehicle without first test driving it. In the same test, most participants wanted more convenience and less stress while taking a test drive.

In order to take part in the Buick 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive, you must be an insured, licensed driver, at least 21 years old and approved credit.

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Why You Should Go Car Shopping on Black Friday


Black Friday is the day of deals, filled with long early-morning lines and stampedes. Crowds of people with drawn-up plans to get a new T.V. or the latest gaming console. The deals coming out of car dealerships do not seem to get as much attention.

It’s been said that the best times to buy new vehicles are Labor Day and the end of December; however, Black Friday is looking to make an impact on vehicle sales. GM has had a Black Friday sale all month long. Chevrolet has had 0% APR, $1,000 bonus cash and no payments until 2015. Not to be outdone, Buick and GMC have come out with a 20% off MSRP sale on all 2013 and select 2014 models. There are deals to be had, so skip the long lines to save hundreds and come into the dealership to save thousands!


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Driving During Deer Season


Deer breeding season takes place from October through January; which means they are more active and on the move. During dawn and dusk are when you are more likely to come across a deer. This is the time of year when drivers need to be extra cautious when taking to the street. Here are some tips that may help you when encountering a deer on the open road:

Slow Down: When driving through an area that is known for having a high deer population, it’s best to keep to the posted speed limit. Watching your speed can help your reaction time and gives you more time to brake if an animal jumps in front of you.

Wear Your Seatbelt: It’s already a good idea to wear your seatbelt while driving, but if there is no way to avoid hitting a deer, wearing your seatbelt could be the only thing standing between you and serious injuries.

Watch for Deer Eyes: Deer, like many animals have eyes that glow at night. If you are driving along and see a pair along the roadside, slow down.


Moving a Stopped Deer: Deer can become entranced by constant bright lights. So, if you see a “deer in the headlights”, it’s recommended that you flash you headlights or give your horn on long blast to scare them out of the road.

Watch for Deer Crossing Signs: Those signs are placed there for a reason.

Never Swerve: If you come across a deer at the last second, don’t swerve. Swerving can confuse deer on where to run and can increase the chance of a head on collision with another vehicle. Swerving can also raise the risk of ending up in a ditch or the side of a tree.


There’s Never Just One: If you see one deer cross in front of you, expect there to be more. Deer usually travel in groups, so if one crosses the road, slow down and be cautious.

Colliding With a Deer: If you do collide with a deer and injuries occur, contact emergency services. If there are no injuries, contact the local police to report the incident. Also, report the accident to your insurance company as soon as you can.

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Tips for a Safe Halloween

The Zombies are Out

BOO! Now that I have your attention; it’s that time of year again: Halloween. The day that will fuel your kids’ next six sugar rushes has arrived. Halloween is the one time of year where kids get to run around from house to house dressed as Power Rangers and Princesses. Although Halloween is a night of fun, it can also be dangerous with all of the Trick-or-Treaters running about. Parents and kids are bound to be a little more preoccupied and might not pay as much attention as usual. So, here are some tips to help you drive safely on Halloween night:

-Refrain from using your cell phone while driving. It’s already a dangerous distraction while driving, but there’s even more of a risk on Halloween because of all the foot traffic.

-Drive slower than usual through residential neighborhoods during trick-or-treating hours. Kids are unpredictable and when there are a lot of them running from house to house and playing around, you never know when one will just run out into the street without looking.

-Have your headlights on; it will make your vehicle more visible while you’re driving- at night and even before.

Trick or Treat

Do not assume pedestrians will stop for you. This ties in to driving slower. You never know if someone is paying attention or not. Trick-or-treaters are thinking about candy, so looking both ways may not come to mind.

-Be careful driving by parked vehicles. Many times parents will drop their kids off to trick-or-treat. It’s important to watch for this because the kids will be so excited to sprint up to the next door that they could run out into the street without looking.

-Entering and exiting driveways can be dangerous as well. Be extra cautious when pulling in or backing out your driveway, kids may be running through driveways to get to the next house.

-If you, yourself, are dressing up this year, put your mask on when you get to the party. It can already be difficult to see through a mask walking around; it’s even tougher while you’re driving.

-If you are taking your kids around, make sure your vehicle stands out so that your kids get into YOUR vehicle and not a stranger’s. Remind your kids to NEVER get into a vehicle with a stranger. To make your vehicle stand out, you can put a battery powered jack-o-lantern on the dash or hang a blinking LED light from your rearview mirror; anything that is easily recognizable and clearly visible in the dark.

-Have your kids carry glow sticks or something reflective. This will make them more visible to other vehicles.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Jack o Lantern

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The Noble Homecoming: A Profile of the 2015 Colorado/Canyon


The hiatus is over! The Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon are back.

The Colorado/Canyon is the perfect vehicle for those who want the power of a pickup and the maneuverability of a crossover. When equipped with the recommended trailering package, this truck is capable of towing up to 7,000 pounds. The base model pushes out 193 horsepower with its 2.5L four-cylinder engine. When upgraded to the 3.6L V6, it gets around 300 horsepower, the same as a base model Chevy Silverado 1500. That just goes to show that size isn’t everything. With all of the power that comes with this truck, it still gets 26 MPG highway.


With an updated model, comes an abundance of upgrades. This new version of well-known GM truck can now be your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Through OnStar, GM is now offering vehicles with a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. So, whenever you’re going on a long road trip, you’re passengers can keep themselves busy by connecting their phones or tablets to your internet hotspot.

Colorado Interior

As part of the technology boost, GM also enhanced the safety features on the Colorado and the Canyon. They are now equipped with a rear vision camera which kicks on when you shift into reverse, as well as a forward collision alert. How the forward collision alert works is the front of the truck has built-in smart cameras that constantly scan traffic while you drive; watching for stopped or slowing vehicles. Once you start to get dangerously close to another vehicle, the truck lets you know. It is also equipped with a lane departure sensor that warns you if you begin to unknowingly drift out of your current lane through a camera located near the interior rearview mirror.


It’s obvious that GM wanted to up their game in the business. By unleashing an updated version of the Colorado/Canyon, they showed that they thought of everything. This is a truck that can pull a trailer, but doesn’t feel like driving a bus, with a quieter cabin, and enough technology to make it your new home.

Colorado Front 2

The base model of the Colorado starts for around $20,000 and the base model Canyon for around $23,500.

Follow these links to check out our inventory of both the Colorado and the Canyon!

Colorado: http://www.toddwenzel.com/colorado

Canyon: http://www.toddwenzel.com/canyon

Welcome to the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore!

Superstore 6

We are delighted to announce the opening of the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore!

Superstore 3

The Superstore is finally ready to open its doors. Formerly known as Lake Michigan Auto Center, Todd Wenzel purchased the building from Lake Michigan Credit Union in late July. Todd Wenzel Chevrolet had been housed right down the street since 2004, so who better to sell a local dealership to than a West Michigan-based auto group heavily involved in the local community?

Superstore 4

Since Todd’s beginning in the automotive industry, it has always been about the customers. The Superstore is more than just another used car dealership. Like the other Todd Wenzel dealerships, the Todd Wenzel Platinum Program will be available to customers of the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore. As a Todd Wenzel customer, you are also guaranteed to get more for your trade-in.

Superstore 1

There are big plans for the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore. We will have over 400 pre-owned vehicles available, one of the largest inventories in the West Michigan area. With the opening of a new operation, Todd Wenzel Automotive brought in the best and brightest in order to fulfill his vision of creating one of the most successful and welcoming pre-owned dealerships around.

Superstore 7

Along with having access to over 400 pre-owned vehicles, the Superstore also kept the carwash that came with the purchase of the building. The carwash will have numerous options available to keep your vehicle clean through the Michigan weather.

Superstore 8

Superstore 9

While there are still minor renovations taking place, the Superstore is now open. So, come out to check out our extensive pre-owned inventory or stop in for a car wash! We’d love to show you around!

You can get more information about the Todd Wenzel Pre-Owned Superstore by giving us a call at 616-669-7799.

Camaro: The Affordable Sports Car


A shiny new Camaro pulls up next to you at a red light. The sun reflects off the freshly polished paint. You watch it shake from the idling engine and think, “I only wish that I could afford a car like that.”

Sports cars are dream cars. The cars people can only imagine driving and think they’ll never have the money to purchase. It has been this way for the longest time. However, all of that is starting to change, and that’s all thanks to Chevrolet.

Chevy is known for the top notch Corvette which is often compared to the upscale Porsches and Audis on the market. This is a car that could be considered more exotic than the average sports car. Then there’s the Camaro; Chevy’s answer to the Mustang and the Challenger.  According to Greg Fink with GM Authority.com, the Camaro has outsold the Mustang and the Challenger for the last four months and is in the running to snatch up sports car of the year.

General Motors is revealing a brand new generation of sports car that is more affordable for the average consumer. The base model of the newest Camaro is going for as low as the mid $20,000s. If you follow this link http://goo.gl/c4Hsdw   you will see that our Hudsonville location is offering Camaros starting at $23,389.

When compared to Chargers and Challengers offered at local dealerships, the Camaro is priced significantly lower than its Dodge counterparts. The Mustang is at a more comparable price to the Camaro; however, the Camaro gives you more horsepower for your money. It’s no secret that more power means more money. When you’re in the hunt for a muscle car, you want something strong and the Camaro does just that for a wallet-friendly price.

With the 2016 model right around the corner, the Camaro is going to continue to be a more affordable (mid $20,000 for the base model) and roomier alternative to the Corvette.

The Chevy Camaro shows no sign of slowing down.

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